Ike Devolder - Run Magento 2 on Docker swarm

Ike Devolder

Ike Devolder

Run Magento 2 on Docker swarm

Wouldn’t you love it if you could use a consistent docker setup form your development environment all the way to your production environment. And be able to scale your production if needed.

Talk description

When you are already developing your Magento 2 application using Docker, it would nice to be able to deploy it using Docker.

We’ll start from our application in development and take the following steps to end up on production. We will build custom images with our application embedded and we might need some extra steps (like data migrations, …). On a production environment we also want to be able to see our logs quickly and easily, so we need a solution for that. And then we also have to deal with shared data, how can we make sure if you for example upload an image that it will be available for all running containers.

We’ll end up with a simple way to use docker from development all the way to production.

Ike Devolder

Ike is a developer at Studio Emma.

Mainly focussed on DevOps and PHP development. But also building some tooling in python and being git manual. Providing a vagrant box provisioned with puppet to make sure we can develop in an environment practically the same as production.

In his free time the biggest interest is Metal music and Archlinux. Being a Trusted User at Archlinux means following up on new software is part of the ‘free’ time :).

If you want to find more of Ike’s hobby projects, check out his github.

Maybe you want to be annoyed with some random thoughts spit out on twitter @BlackIkeEagle