John Hughes - Stop flushing the fing cache

Stop flushing the fing cache

Magento 2 developers of all experience / skill levels. This talk should provide a productivity boost to developers by helping explain and debunk some common myths that waste valuable developer hours.

Talk description

We’ve all been there, and some of us still are: code, flush cache, check changes, repeat… or if that didn’t work why not reindex too for good measure!

This talk will highlight the time wasted trying to check code changes or debug issues by needlessly flushing the cache or reindexing.

The talk will provide an overview (with a comedic twist) of how Magento 2 cache works and how to utilise it as a developer to stop wasting time and focus on cutting code e.g. which cache(s) to clean (if any) based on the development changes you’re making.

I’ll also provide an insight into how indexing in Magento 2 works, including the changes in comparison to Magento 1 and how partial reindexing works.

Knowing which caches and indexes there are and how they impact Magento also provides developers with a clearer understanding and enables quicker debugging of issues as well as being able to better educate / train their merchants on cache / index management too.

John Hughes

I’m Head of Magento at Fisheye, founder of MageQuest (M2 online learning resource) and I am obsessed with all things Magento. I’m known in the office as ‘the guy that knows everything about Magento’; with over 6 years experience as well as being 4 x Magento 2 certified that may be somewhat true!

I’m highly passionate about being involved in the Magento community (you’ll normally find me on Twitter) and want to give back as much as I can to the community that has helped me grow so much.

I’ve seen Magento code written so poorly that it would make even the most experienced of Magento developers curl up into a ball and sob uncontrollably. I feel each and everyone’s collective pain of how unrelenting and unforgiving Magento can be to work with at times (especially when starting out), but know it can equally, and even more so, be a joy to work with, providing you have the right tools and approach. This is where I aim to provide insight and expertise from my experiences to benefit others.

I’m also interested in where Magento and digital commerce in general is headed from consumer, merchant and technical perspectives and probably have more opinion and expectation than I should…