Rieks Visser - The Agile Agency - launching a Magento MVP in 1 sprint

Rieks Visser

Rieks Visser

The Agile Agency - launching a Magento MVP in 1 sprint

Software is never finished, even though Magento offers a host of functionality out of the box. Many agencies work towards deadlines, launch dates and ‘finished’. Switching our mindset from ‘finished’ to ‘how can we improve’ prevents many common issues in agency-client workflows.

Talk description

The Agile Agency - launching a project in 1 sprint How many of you recognize one of these symptoms during development of a Magento project:

  • Projects taking the best part of a year to launch.
  • Usually, longer than expected and therefor over budget.
  • Pressure to meet deadlines, resulting in burn-out and corners being cut.
  • Uncertainty over what the scope of ‘finished’ really is. For instance: feature completeness compared to a current online store.
  • Functionality being developed is not what the client expected.
  • Testing only being taken really serious when the deadline is about to hit (can we actually release this?)
  • Strained client relations due to all of the above.

At MediaCT we’ve worked for years to resolve these issues. After years in the business, we’ve now hit a point at which we feel we’ve figured (some of) these things out. We don’t live in a perfect reality, but at the least we can embrace this reality. In this talk, I will take you through our approach to an “Agile Agency”, working with a Minimum Viable Product and what that means for development teams, clients, product owners and stakeholders. How do you translate Agile and Scrum’s fairy-tale-land to the reality of agency-client work, so developers and clients have less stress and more success?

Rieks Visser

A Scrum Master and Agile Coach who still develops software. Create higher value, foster creativity, have more fun. Scrum Master (PSM II) and agilist with a 15 year track record in software development, online marketing and interface design, as both software developer and coach. This gives me a creative, big-picture view on challenges posed. I love a good laugh.