Tommy Wiebell - Magento Page Builder

Tommy Wiebell

Tommy Wiebell

Magento Page Builder

Page Builder is one of the biggest and most wanted features in Magento 2.3. I’m going to talk about what is does and explain it’s architecture and extension points.

Talk Description

This presentation gives overview of PageBuilder (new Magento CMS) architecture: big picture, master format, data flow, configuration, main entities, different types of converters, etc.

Then it focuses on how 3rd party developers can use PageBuilder to bring merchants experience they want: how to customize PageBuilder by adding new content types and how to customize existing content types by extending them and using appearances.

Overview of data migration from BlueFoot to PageBuilder.

Extending PageBuilder best practices.

Overview of sample extensions developers can refer to when building their extensions.

Magento plans on Page Builder and PWA.

Tommy Wiebell

I’m a Magento Full-Stack Engineer coming up on two years and reside in Austin, TX; the music capital of the world. My background has always revolved around PHP, with my first six years in the industry working with another open source CRM platform, SugarCRM. In my free time, I enjoy playing Skeeball competitively, throwing disc golf, and trying to keep up with my toddler.